Can water from air change the way the world hydrates?

Learn how TUAFI's atmospheric water generator factory creates the world's first sustainable water source completely generated from humidity.


What TUAFI Solves

TUAFI’s AWG factory addresses some of the key flaws which prohibit atmospheric water generators from serving communities around the world, including climate control, quality control, and efficient distribution. By solving these key issues, a single TUAFI AWG factory can generate 20,000 liters of clean, fresh drinking water each day.

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About TUAFI’s Atmospheric Water Generator Factory

For centuries, communities around the world have discovered ways to draw water from the air. While modern-day atmospheric water generators are a far cry from the cisterns used by the ancient Incas, they cannot keep up with the demand of a global market with a growing water access problem.

Atmospheric water generation can help stabilize the world’s growing water shortage, but for years, the modern AWG has been plagued with issues which hinder its ability to generate water safely and reliably, on a scalable business model. Until now.


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