Our Team

Joseph Aoun

Joseph Aoun dreams big and he makes no apologies for it. As founder of TUAFI, Joseph aims to tackle the global water crisis by improving an air to water generator called the atmospheric water generator (AWG), a device that converts humidity in the air into potable drinking water. His vision calls for an atmospheric water factory, which would be the first of its kind in the world.

Born into a Palestinian family in Bethlehem, Joseph saw first-hand the importance of bringing hope and help to communities who so desperately need it. The Middle East is one of the most water-scarce areas on the planet, and access to water continues to be a sticking point in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Furthermore, he understood what it meant to be divided, literally and figuratively, by politics. Sensing an opportunity to unite Israelis and Palestinians for a cause that transcends borders and political strife, Joseph assembled a “dream team” of experts who were committed to improving the world through economic and scientific collaboration.

The result of Joseph’s vision and leadership is TUAFI and its AWG water factory. One machine alone can produce 10,000 liters of water per day, paired with a micro-bottling facility that can create 20,000 biodegradable bottles of water per day.

In Joseph’s words: “In order to achieve peace among the people of the Middle East, you must first bring life, health, and opportunity to them. In delivering a new channel for healthy and pure drinking water to the people, we are able to meet needs, alleviate tensions, and provide tools for them to become successful in the region.”


Joseph Danho

Joseph Ibrahim George Danho is a Palestinian environmental microbiology expert who specializes in water safety and quality. Joseph is responsible for research, analysis, and quality control for the TUAFI team.

Danho is a member of Bethlehem University’s Water and Soil Environmental Research Unit, where he is responsible for the biological and chemical analysis of water and wastewater. He received formal molecular technique training at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba, Israel; The Hebrew University for Agriculture; and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ in Leipzig, Germany.

In addition to his extensive research experience, Danho has also taught science at Bethlehem’s Rosary Sisters School and Jerusalem High School. He currently teaches at Bethlehem’s Saint Aphram School and Bethlehem University.

Danho holds a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Bethlehem University and a Master’s degree from Bethlehem University and the Palestine Polytechnic University. For his Master’s degree, he researched the presence of E. coli in vital water sources in the West Bank.

Oren Saar

Oren Saar, B.Sc., MBA, is a seasoned business executive with global experience in the semiconductor and cleantech fields. Saar has held positions in marketing, M&A, operations management, project management, international business, and manufacturing teams in the United States and China.

Saar has served as the general manager of the China office of Kulick and Soffa; he later relocated to Irvine, California to work as the company’s Business Unit Director. He next returned to his native Israel to work as the VP of Global Procurement for TowerJazz and as CEO of Micro PointPro, a spinoff of Kulicke & Soffa. Currently, he advises companies in global markets on business and manufacturing strategies, operation efficiency, and the establishment of operations.

Saar holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. He also holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and Fudan University in Shanghai.

Salim A. Salman

Salim A. Salman oversees finance and operations for the TUAFI team.

A native of Bethlehem, Salim has served as an accountant for Jeelan Plus Co. in Bethlehem and the Haymour Accounting & Auditing Office in Beit Jala. Over the course of his career, he has worked diligently as a CPA and as a finance professional for the tourism industry.

Salman holds a degree in accounting, with a minor in business administration, from Bethlehem University. He has also received formal training through P.T.M. - Farraj Co. for Accounting & Auditing in Bethlehem.